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Our Story

Green Goddess was founded out of my own frustration at the side effects and failure of traditional treatments for autoimmune and infertility issues. Wanting to take accountability for my health and healing, my research led me to Cannabinoids. I was quickly amazed at the healing power of this mighty plant, but also disappointed in the accessibility of reliable education and quality products.

My hope is that through Green Goddess, we can empower our customers to take their health back and give their body the extra boost it needs to heal itself. We look forward to getting to know you and look forward to hearing how our products are helping you and your loved ones!


Founder & CEO

Cannabinoids Products
We Love What We Do

If we can help just one person feel better, it will have all been worth it! Our number one goal is a happy, healthy customer. Your questions, feedback, and success stories are our inspiration to never settle for less and to continue to ensure we have the best products, and be a positive advocate for this industry.


Our oils are tested both in house as well as by a third party to ensure accurate levels of phytocannabinoids. Microbial and Contaminant testing is also performed.

Natural Ingredients

It all starts with a good harvest. The hemp used in our products is registered, grown in the USA, Non-GMO, and pesticide/toxin free. We do not use chemical solvents, heavy metals or pesticides in the extraction processes. Our ingredients are natural and most of our products are Vegan and Gluten free as well!

Cannabinoids Products
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